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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we come to you?
    No. The reason why we do not come out to you and why it’s best to come to us is that we want to keep your vehicle off the road as much as possible. We only drive your vehicle to the store and back.
    We are best geared for good service at our offices. The client can see who and where we are. We were established in 1991.
  2. After I have paid, when do I get my vehicle back?
    Email us proof of payment; as soon as it reflects in our account, you get your vehicle back. We fetch the vehicle out of the store and wipe it off. When it’s ready we will call you.
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Bring your vehicle & documentation
(refer to how it works)
Thumbs Us
We value & you agree on loan amount (you sign if satisfied)
Payment is made to you